Meet My Family

Me, I am just an ordinary mom, with extraordinary kids. I have a degree in teaching but currently have no desire to renew my license. *It just expired in July of 2013 and I couldn't be happier!*  I love to read and constantly have at least one book on my nightstand. I love nature, hiking and almost anything outdoors. I used to teach science so I probably let my kids do more messy projects than some moms.

My husband is pretty ordinary too, as ordinary as you can get for an engineer! He loves building things and because of his background, it always takes him ten times as long to complete a project as it takes me. Then again his projects would probably get OSHA approval...mine, on the other hand...not so much! True to his career, he LOVES LEGOS as much as his children and our messy floor is proof that LEGOS rule at our house!

Caleb is 15 and almost...ok he taller than I am! He wasn't always so tall though! Caleb was a preemie and when we brought him home from the hospital, he was smaller than our cat! I will talk lots about Caleb in this blog because Caleb is the most extraordinary child EVER! His diagnosis is somewhere close to Asperger Syndrome, but he has lots of other behaviors that prevent him from being typical as well. He has a tremendous faith, however, and his ability to serve is amazing for a teenager. Just today he ASKED if he could be the one to shampoo the carpet! Caleb's 2 favorite things in life are cats and meteorology! He has wanted to be a meteorologist for longer than he could say the word! And to Caleb, cats are often a step ahead of humans!

The best word to describe Josh, 13, would be LEGOMANIAC! If we believed in cloning, Josh is the carbon copy of his dad! He loves to build! He has an amazing gift of creating LEGO masterpieces! One day his friend asked him, "Dude, What kit did that come from?" Josh's answer; "None, I just made it up!" Josh is a very typical ADHD kid. He loves stories but actually reading them, not so much! Josh struggles with dyslexia but makes up for it by reading books he loves about really cool stuff like football, Pearl Harbor and The Alaskan Gold Rush! He completed about 15 novels this past school year!

Last, but certainly not...quietest...God saw fit to give us a daughter! Carolyn (10) has the personality of Pippy Longstocking, and red hair and freckles too! Simply because she was born into our family she likes LEGOS and being outdoors. Unique to her, however, is a budding artist! She LOVES anything crafty and home made! Also true to her genetic heritage she has ADD and the attention span of a butterfly! Whatever she lacks in being able to sit still, however, she makes up for in creativity and spunk!  Some day she hopes to go to culinary school and open a bakery!

That's it for the humans in our family...but no family profile would be complete without listing the pets! We have a dog named Spots...2 parakeets, named Bella and Stella, about a million barn cats, about a dozen chickens, five roosters, and sometimes lizards, mice, toads, frogs and fish or whatever Caleb manages to catch in his live trap!


  1. Hey Shelley-- Love the discription of your family. Now I feel I know them. Your blog looks great--I love the listings at the top. I have not figured out how to have other pages on my blog like that yet. COme visit mine. We can support each others first blogging efforts.

    You know --it's great knowing that not everyones children are born " perfect" or what the world sees as perfect. As I tell my boys often--you are perfect to God and that is all that matters.

  2. Nice to "meet" you and your family. Isn't it great to have a unique family? Who wants ordinary! LOL

  3. Hey Shelley, I am Savannah from HammockTracks and I wanted to do a series on my blog in August centered around teachers who know home school. I would have sent this to you in an email but I just couldn't find one on your site. If you are interested please send me and email and I'll put you on the line up for this series.

  4. Caleb sounds so much like my son! I wish you lived nearby. I think they would get along. :)