Africa 2013

In early June of 2013 I had the privilege of spending two weeks in Africa with a great organization called, Forgotten Children Worldwide. Forgotten Children partners with indigenous pastors and organizations. FCW comes along side them as a helping hand in areas where they need financial or organizational support.

On this trip in particular, we met with 4 African orphan care ministries whose children are sponsored through FCW.  To our delight each of these ministries is well led, well run and serving the least of these to an amazing capacity!  It was a privilege to meet each of the pastors, play with the children and watch God show up big time!

To read about my trip, see pictures or to learn more about Forgotten Children, click on the pictures below.

Africa 2013 Part 1: Why Go?

Africa 2013 Part 2:  What Now?

Africa 2013 Part 3:  Richard's Story

Africa 2013 Part 4:  My African Heroes

Africa 2013  Part 5:  Some Memorable Moments

Africa 2013  Part 6:  More Memorable Moments

Africa 2013  Part 7:  The Beauty of Africa

Africa 2013  Part 8:  Wild Africa!

To Learn More about Forgotten Children Worldwide, please click the image below to visit their site:

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