Friday, September 13, 2013

Conner Prairie Field Trip

Spending the day at Conner Prairie was one of our all time FAVORITE fieldtrips!  We enjoyed all of the exhibits despite the fact that the van thermometer read 102 degrees when we left!

Josh could have spent all day creating his Rube Goldberg Contraption!

The 1880's hot air balloon was just like watching the Wizard from Oz take flight! 

Carolyn learned that the American Indiana allow themselves to make mistakes in their bead work to teach themselves that life isn't perfect!

I think Josh wishes he could have made a dug-out canoe from our dead trees!

It was HOT in that wigwam!

...And almost just as hot in this log cabin! 

We enjoyed hearing and speaking with with all of the live time period characters!

The Conner House was air conditioned to preserve the artifacts glad it preserved us for a short time!

This barn had the most impressive beam I have ever seen!  That must have been one HUGE tree!

My kids were so fascinated to watch the blacksmith work that I eventually had to make them get up and give their seats to someone else!

I just love how the characters will stay "in their time period" no matter what type of conversation you start up!

Josh thought this ford was "So Awesome!"

The Civil War area was our favorite! It was Disney Quality!  We didn't know these windows weren't real 'till the screens lit up with rebel horses riding up to the general store to raid us!

To learn more about Conner Prairie, click the pic below to go to their web site.