Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 9/6/13

Fall is certainly in the air in Indiana!  I LOVE this time of the year! The clear September skies are my favorite!  The sunsets have been spectacular recently! Aren't you glad that our creator never finishes creating?!

We officially have three weeks of school under our belts so far.  Three 4 day weeks!  What more could you ask for at the beginning of the school year!  I would make this our every week routine, except that I would regret it in May when we would rather be outdoors again!

In My Life This Week:
I feel like I am getting behind on my own to do lists.  Such is the life of a homeschool mom when the kids don't GO back to school!  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Laundry can wait!

In Our Homeschool This Week:
Caleb (9th grade) didn't want to tempt himself to cheat on his Geography test so he wasted borrowed a bunch of my purple post it notes!  He did put them back on the pad when he finished!
So far, high school has been some what of a a big  challenge for Caleb.  Transitioning to anything new or more challenging/time consuming has always been rough for him. When he's feeling challenged, we all feel challenged!  I'm proud of myself though; I have only had 2 cans of Pepsi in the last 3 weeks!

Josh (7th grade)is off to a great start this year.  Although he HATES to write he is actually doing quite well in his new writing curriculum.  Everything he writes about comes from one of the Narnia Books!  How could you not love that!

Carolyn (5th Grade) is enjoying her study of invertebrates by playing "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" with her dad over all of the insect facts she is tucking away!

Our Current Read - Aloud:
The Leopard Tree
The kids and I are all loving this book! I started reading it this past summer on my way to Kenya, but I left my son's tablet on the plane, so we are just now finishing it together. (Long Story!) I would highly recommend it! Click the pic for an Amazon's only $2.99 on Kindle! In a nutshell, it is about 3 Kenyan orphans who LOVE the book, "The Wizard of Oz."  They think the book is real, so they steal away on a plane for America bound and determined to find Kansas as well as a wizard who can supply them with much needed medicine for Doudi's HIV.

What we have been up to outside of school:
Celebrated a 10th Birthday!

Went to a Colts preseason game.  My cousin is #5!

Jason Castro sang the Star Spangled Banner before the game!  

A Back to School Tradition:
We typically visit a local County Park in Fort Wayne before hitting the books.  Here are shots of the kids from this year's picnic.
Caleb ...aka Mr. Freshman!  Am I old enough to have a kid that old?!

Joshua, Mr. Jr. High!

Carolyn...the prettiest 5th Grader in the world!  I was shocked when she told me that some of the 2nd graders in her class from when she was still in pub school told her that she would never be popular because she didn't have the right hair!  Seriously!  Women pay a lot of money to get that shade of red!

A Recent Field Trip:
No one is ever too old to look at antique fire trucks in an actual station that still has the horse stalls!  Click on the pic to read more about this fun afternoon!

Area Homeschool News:
We held our first annual WACHE at Ouabache Camp out!  (WACHE is Wells Association of Christian Home Educators.  That's our local homeschool group. And we pronounce it Wach - ee. Ouabache is a local state park.  If you pronounce it correctly it is "Wabash."  Lots of people call O-bach-ee, though. We thought the play on words was fantastic.  I guess you probably need to be a local to appreciate it though! :O))

Anyway, nearly 50 people camped all weekend together and nearly 90 came to our cook out that Saturday night!  We never knew whose kids were at whose camp site all weekend!  This will definitely be a tradition that continues!

...just some of the almost 90 of us praying over dinner and our upcoming school year!

I think the kids will always remember hanging out by the fire together that weekend!  And being silly together!

A Recent Lesson Learned:
Not too long ago I was complaining about my 100+ year old house and the fun that goes along with not being able to afford doing with it what I would like if money was no object. My husband simply said, "Honey, you need to go back to Africa!"

He was so right!  How could I be back for only 2 months and no longer be in my "Africa frame of mind!"

These pics of homes we visited helped me get my perspective back:

One last pic to share...An African Smile to brighten your day!  Great Pic, Andrew!

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