Friday, August 16, 2013

Naturalization of a new American Citizen

We never realized that our friend Steve wasn't an american citizen 'till we heard that he was about to become one!  If you ever have a chance to watch this ceremony for someone you know ~ or even if you don't know anyone ~ we would recommend going!

We went to a federal court in South Bend, IN. 

The proceedings were not too long, but they were fascinating.  I wouldn't recommend taking a toddler, but it kept the kids and I interested.  We especially liked hearing what country each new citizen came from!

Steve, the new American Citizen, with his beautiful daughter Makenna.

Channel 21 News Center - With Curtis Smith

Visiting a TV Station and watching the taping of the evening news was tons of fun!

 My oldest son has always wanted to be a meteorologist, to I went out on a wing and emailed Curtis Smith from News Channel 21 in Fort Wayne.  He was a very gracious host to let us sit in the loft above the studio and watch the taping of both the 5 and 6:00 news in June of 2012.

We especially liked watching the newscasters use the "Green Screen!

That evening was a special newscast with some local firefighters.  They had a cook out and did some of the weather live outside.  There was plenty of frozen yogurt left over since there was a fire call and the men all had to leave.  As you can see the camera man is helping himself to some of it!
The best part was, we got to have some too!

Curtis ~ Doing the weather back indoors for the 6:00 news.

In the theme of meeting meteorologists, Caleb also got to meet Mike Bettes, from the Weather Chanel earlier that spring at a "Severe Weather Symposium" in Indianapolis!

One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is to let me kids follow their dreams!

Fort Wayne Firefighter's Museum

Our first annual  
~Because this needs to become a yearly thing ~
Theme Field Trip to

The Fort Wayne Firefighter's Museum

Nestled in the heart of downtown in Station #3, which was originally built in 1893, is a little known treasure in Fort Wayne!  At least for my family, we never knew the place was there until recently.  Admission was only $4 for adults and $3 for kids K - 12.  Click on the image above to go to their site.  We would definitely recommend this place!  Especially if you have young boys!  If we would have went here when my boys were little, they both surely would have been wearing fire truck t shirts and we would have likely rented a fire fighting movie from the library as soon as we got back to town!

In the back of the museum there are horse drawn fire carriages!  This one, you have to pump by hand.

The horse stalls still have the horses names on them! 

Last year Josh read a book about a child with Polio.  We were surprised to see this "Iron Lung" among the trucks.  The sign said that many of the area fire fighters volunteered with the polio patence. 

We loved looking at all the old trucks!

 This one was my favorite!  It is actually a steam engine!

There was a list of the locations of alarm boxes like this one.  There were many all over the city in the days before the telephone!

Upstairs, we saw where the firefighters slept, got to watch a very funny cartoon about firefighters in New York City at the turn of the 1900's.  There were also cases of firefighter patches like these from all over the world!

This ambulance was so classy!

We just couldn't visit the firefighters museum without topping it off with subs from Firehouse Subs!  If you have never been there, you have to go!  Delicious!

Not only are the subs fabulous, but they have one of the new Coke fountains where you have over 120 flavor combinations to choose from!

On our way back through downtown, we decided to burn off steam at Lawton Park, one of our favorites!

Notice one of the kiddos is missing from all of the park pics! Mr. Freshman declared himself too old for swings and slides!  He'll come around someday!

At least my younger two humored me and my camera!

By the way, Lawton Park is just south of Science Central!

We'll go there another day!

Time to Let the Monkeys Back In!

If the old song goes:

"School's Out! School's Out! Teacher let the monkeys out!"

Well, it's the middle of August, so I guess it's time to let them back in!

We had a busy, but fabulous summer, but like every year, I am relieved to get back into a stricter routine and hit the books!

With the onset of another new school year, I really wanted to paint and update the organization of our dining school room.  But budgets and time being what they are, those things didn't happen this summer.  Soooo...

I decided to "Paint" my blog instead!

My daughter and I really love anything turquoise and or green!  Even my current pair of tennis shoes match the blog's background!

As I look back, the past four years of our family's homeschool adventure have FLOWN by! 
This is our first, "First Day of Homeschool" Photo from a few years ago.

We haven't started school yet this year, but these are some recent summer pics. Kids just never stop growing!

Considering I never wanted to do this homeschooling gig in the first place, I find that rather amazing that the time has flown rather than dragged on. There was once a day when I was asked, "Would you ever consider homeschooling?" I answered, "Are you kidding me! *laugh* I think not!"  

Now I can't imagine anything more perfect for me and my family!

So, what will the Monkeys be doing this fall??

Caleb is now Mr. Freshman!
I think I am more excited about biology and Spanish than he is at this point though!

Josh is now a 7th Grader! He is super excited to start reading history in the hammock again!

Carolyn is now a 5th grader!  In the district where we live 5th graders go to Middle School, so she considers herself a middle schooler!

Something new I plan to add to my blog this year is a page Called, "Fabulous Field Trips!" I'll start it this evening...check it out soon!  

Blessings to you as you start another new school year as well!