Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 8/3/13

Welcome Weekend!

Never have I wanted so badly to both start school again AND make summer break last forever!  So, this year I have decided to put off starting school until a week after the public schools have started.  Maybe it's a bit of rebellion, but mostly I just a way to enjoy the lazy days of summer a bit longer.  Our summer has been anything BUT lazy, so it's time to begin to relax and just enjoy the last few weeks before we hit the books in earnest!

Have you picked a starting date for the first day of school yet?  We have settled upon August 19th!

In My Life This Week...  I did not travel much!  The farthest I roamed was one county away!  One thing I have to do before the start of this school year is to just stay home.  This has been quite the summer for travel.  My wonderful husband held the fort down while I spent 2 weeks in Africa and again while I spent a week at church camp in Michigan.  Then, when I returned from camp, he was in DC and Baltimore. The amazing thing was that the temperature was the same in Michigan as it was on the equator!  

Another reason I didn't roam too far this past week was due to the fact that I don't act my age at camp!  What fun would that be?  It's much more fun to actually participate in Goldrush and the 100 foot slip n slide than to just be a spectator!  My new theme song, however is "The Old Gray Mare!"

I'm actually quite embarrassed to even post this picture of my daughter and I racing down the giant slip n slide!  Notice how gracefully my daughter is sliding down on her knees!? There is no way I'm going to post one of the close ups of me!  It's amazing how much speed a grown adult can pick up on a tarp covered with a gallon of cooking oil and 2 large bottles of dish soap!  My ribs were bruised when I got home,  my foot has tendinitis and my throat was sore from all of the singing,  but acting like a kid and being with the kids also has its rewards!  I had the opportunity to share Christ with 10 of the sweetest girls on earth and bunk with them in my Africa decorated cabin for a whole week!  It doesn't get much better than that!

There was also no way I was just going to be a spectator when my son was doing the high ropes course!
Church camp was not this cool when I was a kid!

In Our Homeschool This Week...
We only have one more shipment of stuff yet to come on the UPS truck!  We are soooooooooo close to being ready to start the new year!  The Tubs are almost filled...
I am so excited to try a few new things this upcoming year!  The boys are super excited (Well, I'm super excited, they're just glad to leave the mundane routine of a text and try something new!) to set their text style grammar and writing curriculum aside for a year and try something different!  Josh is excited to start "Following Narnia, Writing Lessons in Structure and Style."  From the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  If you have to learn grammar and practice writing, then why not do it in Narnia?!
Caleb is equally excited to start the book called, "Rockets, Radar and Robotics:  Technology Based Writing Lessons," by the same company.  Not very often are my boys excited about anything to do with grammar or writing;  I sure hope their enthusiasm for topics they love lasts!  

We also decided to abandon most of the spiral notebooks this year in favor of notebooking with more freedom in a 3 ring binder.  The boys could care less about the color of their binders and divider table but for Carolyn, school as well as everything else; it is all about style and color combinations!  Her current faves are turquoise and lime green! (As you can see by the binder on the top of her tub.)

Even her divider tabs have to have style!

Helpful Advice or Tips to Share...
Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit when it comes to choosing curriculum.  You know your child best and know what works and what doesn't.  For my daughter traditional spelling lessons just haven't worked.  We are switching to Sequential Spelling this year and I can't wait to see if it makes a difference for her!

I Am Inspired By...
Answered prayer!  I can't tell you how many times God has "Showed Off" this summer!  Needs have been met, illnesses healed and so much more!

My Favorite thing this Week Was...
I actually took some time to just chill and read!  (Partly thanks to my swollen and inflamed foot!)  My Mother's Day Hammock actually been sat in by the person it was purchased for!

I'm Cooking...
Lots of corn on the cob!  And freezing lots of sweet corn too!  I was so glad for willing helpers!  When you give boys electric knives, kitchen work suddenly becomes much more fun!

I'm Reading...
I was given this book at a church conference.  LOVE IT! Click the picture below to get a free copy!  It seems like God just keeps impressing on me the importance of missions this summer!  
Free Book - No Longer a Slumdog
I'm Grateful For...
A husband who is clearing the lunch table as I sit here and type! What a fantastic helpmate he is!

I'm Praying For...
A homeschool mom and friend who broke her ankle last week and has to start the new school year on crutches!  Bless her!

Answered Prayer!
God is making it clear to me that my mission at the moment is very domestic indeed! Not all mission fields are overseas.  Not only is He calling me to serve within my own home, but specifically to support my husband as he serves our church.  My husband is very busy not only with his career but also as board chairman of our growing church.  He has more responsibility than I could ever juggle!  My job is that of support staff to him and as teacher/trainer for our kids. If I do my job, he can fulfill his.  If I do my job right in this season, who knows where he will take us or our children in the next! 

A Picture to Share...
The not so glamorous side of serving orphans is making tacos at the county fair!  The kids and I served the Mission organization (that I traveled to Africa with in June) a few weeks ago by making and selling Walking Tacos!  It was about 100 degrees that week with the heat index, so we had to remind ourselves that the children in India whom we were serving endure heat much higher than that all summer!

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