Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 7/13/13


Hello Homeschool Mother's Journal Friends! It's been at least 2 months since I last posted here!  I know we are all super busy, but here's my excuse:  I was busy on another continent! If any of you have visited my blog lately you will know that my trip to Africa is all I have posted about lately.  I will post a few pics for you here but if you want to read more about my trip, click the image below.

In My Life This Week...
I am finally physically feeling like myself again now that I am done taking my malaria meds.  You talk about harsh side effects!  It was worth it though and I'll take them again if it means going back to Africa!

Back stateside, the kids and I all have sunburns because this mom forgot to spray everyone down with sunscreen when we went boating on Thursday!  How can a red-headed mom of fair skinned kids forget something like that?!  

In Our Homeschool This Week...
We are definitely still enjoying a slower paced summer schedule.  One of the many blessings of homeschooling, however, definitely plays out here in the summer as we don't officially have an ending date to our school year.  The kids just kind of trickle out of school.  Each subject just ends when it ends, not necessarily on the 180th day. My oldest does math all summer because he works some during the school year.  

Our books and materials for next year have also all arrived this past week!  It's like Christmas for me! I love new books!  I get pretty excited for "Back to School" sales as well!  It's almost time to buy new notebooks!

I Am Inspired By... (Here come some Africa Pics!)

This man is raising his granddaughter.  He was so excited to meet representatives from the ministry that sponsors her that he insisted on praying for us!  He prayed in Luganda so I have no idea what he said, but just look at his spirit!

 The guy on the left inspired me as well! His name is Austin.  Austin is the equivalent of an assistant principal and counselor all in one!  He personally rides his motorcycle out into the jungle to check up on any children who miss school!

The woman below also inspired me!  She is a Rwandan refugee who is also raising a grandchild.  (We were at "Ground Zero" for the Aids epidemic, and therefore "Ground Zero" for Aids Orphans.)  She was so thrilled to meet us that she insisted on hugging us all and asking that we come into her home to pray!

Can you imagine that 14 of us fit into just the front half of her home!

There were so many inspiring people on my 2 week trip that I could fill an entire post on everyone who inspired me, so if you want to read about more inspiring people you will just have to click the first pic above and read about them!

I'm Reading...
Actually I just finished Reading The Mission Minded Family by, Ann Dunagan.

Whether you plan to ever leave the country or not, this book was a great read for any family who sees their home, community and world as a "field ripe for the harvest." 

I'm Cooking...
lots of desserts with fresh black raspberries and Saskatoons! Here's a link to the pin of the tart I made this morning!  It was unbelievably delicious!
Black Raspberry Tart

I LOVE summer fruits!

I'm Grateful For...
Western Toilets!  ANY toilets, even gross gas station toilets.  Actually having a seat makes "going" so much easier and hassle free! Check out some of the "restrooms" we used in Uganda and Kenya.  I know the lighting is poor on this first one, but notice there is just a hole in the floor and no toilet paper!

This second one serves a school of nearly 100 students!

I am also grateful for non-malaria carrying mosquitoes!  Sleeping under mosquito netting was pretty cool, but we did it while taking our malaria meds just as a precaution, not as a way of life.
This was my first bed in Africa!  A local family who runs an inn welcomed us into their home after flight delays prevented us from staying where we originally planned! What a blessing hot showers and nice beds were!

I'm Praying For...
Our upcoming school year.  That God would fill in any of the missing pieces due to my humanness or things I will undoubtedly overlook in the next few weeks of planning for a new school year.

For my oldest son's transition to high school.  He has Asperger's which I'm praying does not complicate his desire to take on a different level of work and responsibility than he has had in the last few years!  

For the families in my community who feel God's leading them to homeschooling!  You can do it Hollie!

For the children who are not yet sponsored in 3rd world countries like these kids whose parents can not afford to send them to school.

Just look at the difference sponsorship makes in the lives of these kids!  Your $25 a month really does make a difference!

If you would ever consider sponsoring a child in Africa or India through the organization I traveled with please click on the pic below to visit their site.  Unlike some ministries, ALL of the donated sponsorship money of $25 a month goes directly to the child!  You will be making a life changing, eternal difference in the life of a child!

Just a few memories to share with you from my trip...
Yep, we ate some of this beef!

Mt. Dew must really be a kids' favorite all over the world!!

That' me, eating a grasshopper!

I had never been in 2 hemispheres before!

The sunrise over Lake Victoria was breath taking!

Going to the zoo will never be the same!

I think this cheetah liked having her picture taken!  She posed for us over and over!

Blessings to you as you start planning, (or finish planning for all of you super organized types!) for the upcomming school year.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!  And don't forget, you can be the one to make the difference in the life of an orphan!  Asante Sana to you if you already sponsor a child through any organization!!

p.s.  Did you know that "Hakuna Matata" really does mean "No Worries!" 

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet my Uganda / Kenya Team!

I miss my Africa team members!  We were each other's family for 2 weeks in June as we traveled to Uganda then Kenya as part of a Forgotten Children Worldwide's Summer Mission project.  Click each of the pics below to read stories about our trip directly from the Forgotten Children web site.

Clicking the pic of my team members will take you to Forgotten Children Worldwide's homepage.
Uganda Team 2013

Click the pic below to read, "Opinion of FCW skyrockets."
Non-Sponsored Children

Click the pic below to read, "Trip Helps Teen Reevaluate."
Andrew with FCW kids

Click the pic below to read, "Mother Changes Perspective."
Mother with Child