Monday, July 1, 2013

Africa 2013 Part 8! (The last one, I think!) Wild Africa!

Have you ever noticed how tame the United States is?

I mean we have an answer to every problem!  We have diaper wipies...Clorox Wipies...Kleenexes...toilet paper...paper towels...napkins...hand sanitizer...Soft soap...dishwasher soap...body scented shampoo...coconut scented shampoo...dandruff shampoo...

We have stop signs...stop lights...street way signs...turn signals...and seat belts...

We mow our lawns with gas powered mowers...not machetes...

We make everything sanitary...

We have refrigerators AND freezers...

Our schools have EVERYTHING...

Our homes have everything too much...

We have so many distractions.

The wildest thing about the US is...(at least in Indiana)...seeing a garter snake...and hitting said snake with the mower!...Allowing my sons and their friends to purchase and set off fire works with grandpa's blow torch for an hour and a half...throwing said fire works in the "lake" in the yard and watching them explode under water!...(That was pretty cool though!) comes in at a close second!

What's left in America that's truly wild?  (Besides my sons and the three friends they have over tonight?)

While in Africa, I often thought to myself, "Lord, what planet have I landed on?"  The culture, people and atmosphere just intrigued me. Everything from which side of the road to drive on to waving at someone was all unfamiliar.  What captured my attention the most is how ruggedly wild everything was. There were times when I wondered if we had taken a time machine rather than just a Boeing 767!

Everything we did screamed out "adventure!"  Many things we ate were part of that wild adventure! Including these grasshoppers!  

Driving there was definitely an adventure on steroids! (Yes, the back of this truck is full of cows AND people! AND, yes, he is supposedto be driving on the left side of the road!

Sleeping was even an adventure!  

Mosquito nets just make going to bed at night something to write home about...especially if there is a wild, probably rabid bat trapped in the netting!

Our biggest, wildest, adventure was answered prayer!  God showed up and answered even before the amen was spoken!  I really don't think I have any pictures that capture these moments, but they were amazing to say the least!  

When I think of wild animals in Indiana, nothing too fearsome comes to mind.  These, on the other hand, were far from tame:

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my Africa 2013 posts!  Call me if you want to hear any of my adventures firsthand!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Africa 2013 Part 7 The Beauty of Africa

As much as the people that we met in Africa touched my life and have a place in my heart forever, the beauty of Africa will remain a part of me as well. 

Two things I often long for in Indiana (at least the part where we live) are hills and water.  The rolling hills in Uganda and Kenya were just captivating to me.

There were many fields of corn and wheat that reminded me of home, though.

Well...a little like home...

I was in awe of seeing the origin of the Nile Rive for the first time at sunset!

We certainly don't have banana and pineapple plantations in Indiana!  Sorry, Austin, I still can't tell the difference between the fruit bananas and the juice bananas!  I'll have to come back for another lesson!

Anyone for some coffee...

The only thing better than seeing Lake Victoria is seeing Lake Victoria at sunrise!

The rolling hills south of Nairobi, Kenya were breath taking.  What a beautiful place to live!

After living in these scenery rich countries for nearly 2 weeks, it was hard to board the plane and head "Back Home Again to Indiana."  But I am home now, and it is lush and green here this weekend after nearly four inches of rain at my house.  I have had red headed woodpeckers in my trees, a wild peacock in my back yard and song birds at my feeder.  The corn is far more than "knee high by the fourth of July," and the air smells sweet after all the rain.  Yes, there is beauty here.  Even in Indiana!