Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Last Few Weeks in Pictures 5/3/13

I hate being so busy that I don't have time to sit down in my comfy chair and catch my breath for a few minutes in the afternoon.

But, that's just what the month of April was like for my family.  

Not all of the business was drudgery and hard work, however.  As you can see from our pics we had a lots of fun too.  The Key word being, LOTS!

In My Own Life the past few weeks... my husband and I finally celebrated our 20th anniversary by getting away alone for almost a week!
We Kayaked in a mangrove "forest!"

   Kayaking in open waters on the gulf side of the island was quite a workout!

We ate tons of amazing seafood! (This is a grilled shrimp club!)

 Time spent just walking on  the beach was wonderfully restful!

 5 days alone with my husband was priceless!
 We made it all the way through the everglades and from Key Largo to Key West with no kids asking, "Are we there yet!?"

In Our Homeschool Recently...  We were given an incubator from a local Purdue University Extention office.  

The kids LOVED watching the chicks hatch!

I commissioned Josh to build something to hold the heat light over the chicks. He came through with a stellar K'Nex structure!

The kids are not the only ones who enjoyed the chicks!
 Chicks aren't the only newbors on our little "farm" lately!  We are now up to 5, YES, FIVE litters of kittens!  
As April turns to May, we are all glad to see this school year coming to a close.  It has not been a bad or difficult year; we have simply been pushing ourselves to finish as soon as we can this year.  I eave for Africa in just 4 weeks!  Lots still needs to be done!  I am so proud of all the kids have accomplished this past year!
People We meet and Saw...
While in Florida, my husband and I also got to spend time with extended family...and wouldn't you know, my uncle took a pic of us on my camera but not the whole group!  Anyway, it was nice to catch up with the "Florida Cousins" and meet a new baby!
I'm Praying For...
The 12 people I am traveling to Africa with.  We leave June 2nd and will be gone from our families for almost 2 weeks.  We will be working mainly at the orphanages that Forgotten Children Worldwide sponsors to make sure that the children who have sponsors are having their sponsored needs met.  Please pray for our safety and health as well as our ability to love and be loved by the Africans we stay with and meet.
I'm Reading...The original Wizzard Of Oz  with my 12 year old son.  We are LOVING it!  He is going to make a chart of all the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  I think we will HAVE to wrap that up with an afternoon popcorn and movie snuggle time!
I'm Cooking...
At the moment lasagna is in the oven!  It smells sooooo yummy!  I've gotta get it out in time for Caleb to make it to baseball practice!
Things that NEED to be done now that school is almost over...
  • My Dining Room  School Room needs to be changed back into a dining room! 

    I'm super tired of messy piles! It's time to sit down to dinner without posters of the solar system and postcards and maps all over the place!  :O)
    Of course, there wouldn't be piles if we were cleaning instead of blogging and having friends over today to play LEGOS...
    • I have two or three cupboards in my kitchen that I have not cleaned out and organized in a LONG time!  It's time to see what hidden treasures I forgot about that are lurking up there! It will be like going to a garage sale in my own kitchen!
    • It's time to plant the garden and spring flowers!
    • Packing, Packing and more packing!
    • I also need to plan meals for my family while I am in Africa.  Pinterest ~ here I come!  I need to find some good freezer meals   
Maybe by the end of June I will be a more consistent Blogger!  Until then, the race continues!  

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