Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Week In Pictures 3/29/13

Welcome to a "Not So Typical Week" at our house!
The rest of the county (public school) is on Spring Break this week, so we decided to mix it up a little.  Our official spring break is going to be in a few weeks when the "teacher and principal" to to Florida for their 20th anniversary!
While many of our friends and family are basking in the Florida sun, our end of the county got 10 inches of snow!

We started getting ready for easter by dying our eggs and making a lamb cake.  We cleaned out a cupboard in the kitchen and found these ice cube trays.  We discovered a fantastic way to drip dry the colored eggs!

Wednesday was our last official academic day this past week.  One of the things I like love about homeschooling is "camping out" on a topic we are currently reading about.  Our textbooks and picture books did a great job of presenting the Civil War, but we decided to "hang there" a while longer.  The kids all worked together to make a poster from this great Homeschool Share Lapbook!  We jazzed it up a bit by using a black posterboard this time and using blue and silver paint pens!
1st comes the research...
...more research...

And lots of cutting and organizing!
The final projects took up 2 whole posterboards!

Page 1...
Page 2
It's still maple syrup time here, but cooking down the sap in my kitchen can take as much as 9 hours!  That's a long time to have the stove on high!  We have this old brick grill in our yard that we have never used...until today!  Caleb cleaned it up, made a fire and we cut our boiling time in less than half!
I love having big kids who are old enough to be able to fill their own Easter eggs but still young enough to enjoy a good hunt!
Happy Good Friday and Easter Everyone!
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(Using the summer edition again! Because we need a bit of summer in Indiana!)