Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 3/22/13

Welcome Spring!
Well it may look and feel like spring at your house but in Indiana it certaily does not!
Last year, during the first week of spring, we were already needing to mow the lawn.  Last year this week it was in the mid 80's and my son had already gone swimming once in grandma's pond! 
Here is a look at our back yard today! (Thursday)The high temperature for this day in history was last year at 87 degrees!  Today, te high was 28! :O(
It was 5 degrees with the wind chill when I woke up this morning! 
Needless to say, I hope it feels like spring where you are!
In my life this week...I am so thankful for the generosity of many of my friends and family!  I have been raising funds to go to Africa on a mission trip in June.  As of yesterday, I met my goal!  Any money that comes in now can either help pay for incidentals on my trip or help my other team mates pay for their expenses!  I was so humbled to get a list of all who are supporting me!  It took me two days to write all of the thank you notes, but I feel more blessed than burdened!
In our homeschool this week... Josh has done so much reading about the Titanic lately.  He decided to present his knowledge of facts vs. myths on a poster called, "Titanic True and False."  He is pretty proud of how well it is looking so far! (Usually we draw the maps and diagrams on his posters, but this one was out of our league! So, we downloaded a cutaway pic from the internet and printed it in poster mode.)

To go along with her Indiana History, Carolyn has spent time studying our county as well. We made a puzzle for her to learn the townships.  I'm glad we live in a very square part of the world!

One of the funnies I read on Facebook this past week was ,"You know you're a homeschooling family when... you constantly have somethig growing on your kitchen counter!"  Well...presently, Josh has mold and yeast growing!  His moldy bread is getting quite yucky!
We are also still working on collecting the 50 state postcards.  Illinois came today!  We also got Utah and New Mexico this week! One afternoon earlier this week the kids were going through the coin jar.  They thought it would be fun to try to collect all 50 state coins while we are at it!  They were thrilled to find so many in the jar.  They are even more excited because grandpa called and told them he has the rest of the states they need!

On Our little farm this week...Cuddles fially had her kittens!She found this old laying box in the barn loft that still had straw in it and made quite the cozy bed for her and the 3 babies.  You can see a little tiger one.  The other two are orange and white!  We can't wait to see whether they are boys or girls so we can name them! 
A Little Time for Myself this week... It has been so long since I last scrapbooked, so I gave myself a couple of afternoons off to work on our Colts Pictures.  (In case you haven't read about it before, my cousin was drafted by the Colts last spring.)  

In our Neighborhood this week... The Bald Eagles we spotted last week have stuck around and we think we found 2 nests!

A Cute Picture to share...This is Simon and Garfunkel!  They are not even natureal brothers!  One was born here (He is the big brother to the new kittens.) and the smaller one was found in a parking lot about 20 miles from here! They love to sleep between the kids' book tubs.  We find them there most afternoons! 
Be sure to check out all the other great homeschool wrap up posts at these great blogs!  I have gotten so many great ideas from them! 
Blessings to you this week!