Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - 3/15/13

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm feeling like a bad mom today...I haven't got a clue what to do for fun on Sunday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and don't even have all of my Easter decorations out!  It's time to hang out on Pinterest and get my creative juices flowing!

In Our lives This Week... This week has been "business as usual."  There's really nothing that outstanding to tell about, but then again, that can also be a good thing as we have so much to wrap up before the end of the school year.  Business as usual usually means that the dining room table can't be found from about 9 a.m. 'till supper time!

In Our Homeschool This Week... Not all business as usual has to be dull.  We are growing Mold and yeast...
We are also still collecting Sugar Maple Sap to make syrup...
We also got more postcards for our 50 States Postcard Project!

In our Neighborhood This Week...While driving home from town one evening my "Eagle Eye" 14 year old started yelling from the back seat that he saw 2 bald eagles!  We heard that some have been spotted a few miles from our house, but had not yet seen them ourselves.  We did a U turn and went back!  I'm glad we did!
This is the original pic I took from about 1/4 mile away.  My Zoom lens was all the way out!
After saving the pic on my camera and zooming in on the saved pic you can see that he is a bald eagle!

A Question for other homeschool moms...I don't know why it is bugging me so much these days but it is..."Should I end our school year after the required 180 days or keep plugging away 'till our text books are completely finished?  We started using ABeka for science and history and it has been very difficult to get the books completed.  We LOVE the books and don't even use ALL of the provided worksheets and tests.  We also often go off on tangents and make or do projects on certain periods.  So, should I call it good or keep forging into the summer?  I'm torn.  My kids will remind me that when they were in public school, when the year was done THEY were done.  Maybe I won't tell them when we have reached our 180th day. Maybe we will just finish reading the books without taking tests.  Let me know how you "finish up."

A Picture to Share...
A "Business as Usual" week isn't all dull and boring, especially when God sends a late winter snowstorm.  In our playground snowball fights are definitely allowed during recess!

  Blessings to you this weekend and in the days ahead!  Don't let "business as usual stop you from getting things done and having fun along the way!

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