Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 3/1/13

Seriously! Can it be March already?!

 **Disclaimer!  This post was written by a mom who took LOTS of pictures over the past two weeks and can't wait to share them all (well, luckily, not ALL) with you!**

We have had a very busy but fun couple of weeks.  We were are were on a family field trip in Kentucky last Friday so I didn't take the chance to link up anywhere.  Here are lots of pics from our latest adventures!

In Our Homeschool... Our most recent days can best be described as hands on! After visiting a friend's maple syrup "operation" (See some pics here.), we decided to try tapping the two trees in our own back yard and try making maple syrup ourselves! Thanks Ashley for the taps!
Step # 1 was to drill holes for the taps.  The boys LOVE Power tools!
*Carolyn (9) was the photographer, and she LOVES to use the zoom lens!*
Before we even pounded the taps in the sap started dripping in the first tree.  The second had no sap at all!  Must not be the right kind.
One of the things I LOVE about homeschooling is including the grandparents!  I think Grandpa Randy was just as excited as the kids to venture into the world of maple syrup making!
Being the ADHD mom that I am, we just HAD to boil down the first gallon of sap as soon as we got it! **Did you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup?!** It was so beautiful and sunny Monday that we collected about 2 gallons from just 4 taps in ONE tree by bedtime!  (We were only able to boil down just this gallon because one of the cats tipped one of the buckets over!!) Above is how deep the pot was at 1:00 p.m..
This is how deep the pot was around 4:30 p.m..
I switched it to a teeny 1 qt pot to finish up. (Yes, that's how dirty my white cook top is at the moment!  I'm glad the house came with a flat top stove, but I sure would like I black one when this one dies!)  5:00 and it's almost done!
We were SOOOOO proud of our quarter of a cup of syrup!  AND you know what ADHD mom and kids did next?!

It has been below freezing the past few days so we have collected very little sap, so everyone say a quick little prayer that the sun will come out again soon in Indiana so we can make more!
Also in our Homeschool this past week...The bad news is my husband's hours at work have been cut for a while so we will have less income for a spell.  The good news is that field trips can now be FAMILY field trips if we take them on Friday's when he's off.  Last Friday we drove to Kentucky to the Creation Museum.  Caleb (14) is writing a research paper for grammar on "The Evidences of a Global Flood." (I told him how "smart" of a topic that was and he beamed.  He doesn't really think of himself as one of the smart kids.) The Timing of dad's time off and Caleb's report coincided perfectly. (Except for the fact that since Caleb has been studying this stuff, combined with the fact that he is a teenager, he already knew "everything" the museum had to teach :O))  Check out how cool this place is!  I highly recommend it to anyone willing to drive just south of Cincinnati.
 Check out this gigantic Mastodon skeleton that greeted us when we came in!
 Josh LOVED all the dinosaurs!
 This wax dude looked SOOOO real!  
Check it out! Adam is naming the animals!
 I personally LOVED all of the Noah's ark exhibits.
This model really grabbed us!  Look at all the people on top of the mountain who 
want a second chance to get on the ark! 
Josh and I were amused at the detail!  This is a poop drawer under one of the animal cages on the ark!
What pre-flood exhibit would be complete without a T-Rex?!

My Advice to share with you if you ever go to the Creation MuseumMy kids got so much more out of the museum because we watched a few Ken Ham videos before we made the trip.  The kids had a pretty good working knowledge of the teachings at the museum.  We learned so much from Ken Ham (Founder of Answers in Genesis) before we went that we were able to enjoy our day without having to read everything.If you are not familiar with Ken Ham you will want to read EVERYTHING at the museum, and if you take kids, well you know what it's like to try to read your way though a museum with the kiddos in tow! 
Another bit of advice...look for homeschool discounts!  We were able to go to the museum for about half price!
One more thing about the museum...Make sure you do the planetarium!  The movie was very cool!  The seats recline and you even feel a bit dizzy like you really are flying through space.
When we actually did school at home this past week...
Carolyn finished a very large book report to culminate the series of mystery books by Ron Roy that she just finished, all of which took place in Washington D.C.
 Her dad printed a large google map of DC at work on a large piece of paper.  We glued picture flaps of some of the famous places she read about near their spot on the map. (To make them we 
Googled the name of each building in an image search and then printed a line or coloring book drawing on cardstock.)   Under each flap she wrote facts about the building or monument.  
 Do you know how many steps there are to the top of the Washington Monument??
Also at home this week...we started a 50 states post card exchange  that we found out about on Facebook! We have been sending many postcards out!  Each time we have one ready to mail, we write the name of the city it's going to on this US map.  Each time we get one in the mail we color in the state it came from!  We get pretty excited when the mail man comes these days!
 We have a few more states colored in since this pic but you get the idea!  Anyone out there from Mississippi? Carolyn accidentally started coloring Mississippi instead of Missouri.  We need one from Mississippi so we can finish coloring it!
Last but not Least... A Fun Pic to Share...
We now have a child in braces at our house!
 Go figure...he chose Colts blue for the rubber bands!
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