Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 2/15/13

It's Friday and Love is still in the air!  Can you still smell the garlic from the lasagna we made for dinner last night? We have had such a busy week that we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day at home!

   Check out the cute bracelet my daughter made for me!
That's Right! It's a Genuine Shrinky Dink!  
There's even left over chocolate in the house!

In my life this week... I had the flu.  Not so fun! But on the upside it was a very mild flu, lasted less than 24 hours and I did lose 5 pounds!  

The Most exciting day In Our Homeschool this Week... we went to another homeschool family's house to watch them make maple syrup.  It was a beautiful day to walk the half mile behind their house to see the tapped trees and learn how many gallons of sap it takes to make 1 gallon of syrup!  40 to 1!  That's a lot of boiling!

 The sap was running so fast we could watch it drip!
 This big old tree had so much sap flowing it had 3 taps!
Everyone LOVED tasting some hot, fresh syrup!

Other Homeschool Happenings... Our church's Bible quizzing season has just ended.  During quiz season we practice quizzing questions for our Bible time so now we need a new Bible time activity.  The kids enjoyed the quizzing format so much that we decided to make our own Bible Geography quiz.  I scrounged the internet as well as my own Bible and came up with 90 questions.  We also made maps to learn where the places are as well. 
This is our Old Testament side of the map before we labeled it.

Our Current Read Aloud... is Corrie Ten Boom's "The Hiding Place." The kids love it!  Two weeks ago our pastor used Casper (Corrie's dad) Ten Boom as an example in his sermon.  The kids were delighted that they knew who he was talking about! 

New Members of our Family...
 This is Goliath.  He showed up a few weeks ago.  He was so clean and so tame we know he had to belong to someone.  He cries at the back door, so we are pretty sure he was someone's house cat.  p.s.  He is up for adoption!  AND he's free! :O)

These guys are Simon and Garfunkel! (Only Simon is on the right!) We have had Simon since he was born in the back yard in August.  Yesterday my brother called me.  He found Garfunkel in a parking lot in a nearby town.  They are like twins a couple of months apart!  I know you can't see Simon but his markings are VERY similar to Garfunkel's.  How could we turn him away?!
A Picture to leave with you... I am a lot like my oldest son...or is he a lot like me??? Well anyway, we kind of got into an argument today and said things in tones we shouldn't have.  This evening he disappeared to the barn for a while.  When he came back he had this Valentine gift for me! 
He was proud to tell me he made it from one of the branches from a tree we just cut down!

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