Friday, January 11, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal 1/11/13

I can tell that it is almost Friday again.  I am tired and ready for the weekend.  As I sit and type tonight I wonder if I can make it though this entire post before giving up and just calling it a day.  Last Friday, we went cross country skiing, enjoyed the beautiful snow covered woods under a perfect blue sky and enjoyed the company of good friends.  Today, it rained, the snow is almost gone, the sky is gray, and I just realized the reason for some troubled weather inside our home as well. 
One thing is true about Indiana.  If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes; it might change.  The same is true if you DO like the weather!  Don’t count on it sticking around for too long.  The same is true of kids with Asperger’s. (At least its true of mine!)  Just when you get used to one mood, another surfaces before you got a handle on the first! 
This past week one of the boys has purposefully been skipping taking some of his meds again.  (He doesn’t like the round chalky ones.  It’s coated but he still doesn’t like it.) No wonder we had a rough day behavior wise.  He hit his sister more than once He yelled “I DON’T CARE!” many times.  He knows better and wants to be good but he just can’t get his moods under control for anything. 
No wonder I’m tired!
BUT, despite the dreariness outside and the frightful moods inside, we have also had an amazing week!  

In My Life This Week… Our trip to the Challenger Center was fabulous!  Two of my kiddos along with 30 others flew a simulated mission to the moon!  The boys and their fellow astronauts talked about it for days!  Here is a pic of each of my boys.

Caleb was “The voice” between the rocket and mission control.  Here, he is in the rocket.

Here is Caleb in Mission Control.

Josh was on the Probe Team.  Here, he and another boy are helping to build a Lunar Landing Probe!

This is Josh in Mission Control.
In Our Homeschool this week… We not only went on that exciting field trip, we also started back up meeting with our Co-Op friends!  Tuesday, I started teaching a class on Indiana History.  Too bad the flu bug kept a third of my little class away! 
What We are Studying These Days…I can’t get over how my kids enjoy history and science!  I also enjoy reading every word with them and look forward to our discussions each day.  Their insight amazes me!    We have discovered the concept of lapbooking, which we love to do on posterboards, as well as notebooking which goes well with these two subjects!  Here are a few examples of their work.

Josh is studying invertebrates.  Today, we move on to starfish! Echinoderms!

Carolyn has been studying plants…

And birds.  She loves to use white – out!

She writes down facts for each State bird and and a list of states or state that it represents.
Before we purchased anything from, I made all of her notebooking pages.  As you can see she is studying the revolutionary war period.

In a few years I’m sure we will enjoy looking back to see how far her writing and spelling have come!

Josh’s most recent pages do come from  He enjoyed trying to think of a picture that represented each of the thirteen original colonies.  
*I seriously think this kind of processing and presentation makes the kids think harder than just filling in answers on a worksheet. *
Have you done any notebooking with your kiddos?  What do you think?

Josh’s drawing of the depth of the Great Lakes.
He was very proud of this one!

Caleb is very open ended in his note taking.  He is an 8th grader with Asperger’s.  He spends a great deal of planning and time writing AND drawing each of his new science definitions and concepts.

What we have not been doing lately… cleaning or vacuuming the living room floor!  The kids spend so much time with their new LEGO’s that I hate to make them put them away too often!  This weekend, however, I HAVE to sweep!  

Each of the kids’ personalities are very evident on the floor!  Caleb saved his money and bought a LEGO train and tracks.  Josh has LEGO motors and Power Functions  so he can engineer his creations to move and light up.  Carolyn was so excited the LEGO came out with the new line for girls, called Friends!  Her pink camper is in the back left of the pic.  I LOVE IT that all 3 kids, despite 5 years difference in their ages,  still choose to play together often!
Josh added lights and an automatic sliding door to his base with the power functions!  Can you say Engineering is in his future!!
What I am reading… As I prepare for a mission trip to Uganda and Kenya this upcoming summer I am finishing A Hole in The Gospel.  A Fantastic read!  I also just started Kisses from Katie.  It is fabulous!  It is about a young lady who gave up the American Dream at age 18 to take care of orphaned Ugandan children!

If you enjoy read alouds with the kids, this one would be a perfect fit for your teens and pre-teens!
I am praying for… too many things to mention!  A sweet young man from our church has severe seizures, fell and broke his arm.  He needed surgery and 4 pins to fix it.  My daughter is the same age.  It has been precious hearing her pray for him each night!
We are also still praying for healing for our local superintendant’s wife.  What a wonderful Christian Couple they are!  She was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a few weeks ago.  She already needs hospice care!  And a Miracle!
I’m Cooking… I got a Rice Cooker in a White Elephant gift exchange….so I put it to use yesterday and made Lime and cilantro rice!  It was super yummy!  I also had a craving for home made guacamole!  Made that too!  My body must be wanting to travel to Mexico too! 
A Picture to leave you with… Our field trip last week to cross country ski was just so beautiful and I miss the snow so I just have to leave that memory here!

p.s.  It’s time for breakfast… my sweet daughter just delivered it to me in bed!

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