Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Nation Without Daddies

While reading history with my middle man this morning an idea came to me that I have never thought of before.

We are reading about ancient times during the lives of Moses, Joshua and Caleb.  This is one of our favorite times in history!  If you know my boys, you know why!

(If you do not know my boys, search this site for their names and you will know why this is!)

We were reading about the time period after the exodus when Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness.  As you may remember, it was at this time when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.  Josh's book (Abeka) mentioned that the nation-state of Israel at this time was the first "Nation Under God."  

There were believers in and followers of God before this time but never a nation that followed after God as a whole.  I have just never thought of that before.

This new nation was admonished by Joshua that as long as they obeyed God, they would be blessed and if they disobeyed, they would be punished. Throughout the Old Testament as well as throughout history, there have been many successions of blessings and curses.

The same is true today, of course.

Whether a nation chooses to acknowledge God or not, he did institute government.  The nations prior to the Israelites had leaders as well as government, however, they choose their leaders and rules themselves and rarely included God in on their decision making.  In most cases they eventually came to recognize their rulers as gods.  

When God gave the Ten Commandments it was the first time in human history that God directly involved himself in human government and laid down the parameters for how he wanted his people to govern themselves.  He gave them directions on how o relate to himself and how to relate to each other.  

God also established himself as the ruler.  If the Israelites obeyed his commands, they would have no need of an earthly king.  If you have read much of the Old Testament, then you know how long that lasted!

Ok, so here is where I really got to thinking!

Our nation, like the Israelites, tried to put God at the helm of its leadership when our country was being established.  We tried making him, his morals and his Word the ultimate authority in our lawmaking.  

Like the Israelites, who moved into Canaan after the Exodus, however, and who were more influenced by the Canaanite culture than they were the influencers,  Americans have been more influenced by the world than influencers on the world over the past century.

Just like the Israelites adopted the ways of the Canaanites, Americans have adopted the "ways of the world" that our founding fathers were trying to escape.  We no longer look to God and his Word for wisdom, we look to the world and to ourselves.  Where did that bit of logic get the Israelites...?  

The first and ultimate Father, ie "Daddy" has been eliminated from our government and culture.

Speaking of those Founding Fathers, they have been essentially eliminated from our culture too.  I'm not saying that the world will ever forget George Washington or Benjamin Franklin. I don't think that will ever happen.  We are just raising a generation (maybe even the second or third generation) of children who have heard of these men but have no idea what they stood for.  

The masses of our children are not being taught that George Washington wrote to his brother after almost loosing his life during a battle in the French and Indian war to tell him that God surely spared his life for a reason!  

The second set of Fathers "Daddies" (what they believed in and fought for) are being erased from our culture's memories.

I just happen to be reading a book right now that I picked up from the "free" pile outside of our church's library.  It's a 1990 copyright called, "Children At Risk: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Kids." 

I honestly thought it was going to be a parenting book with advice on rearing stubborn kids!  It is, in fact, more about what our culture is doing and has done to claim the hearts and minds of our kids.  It is amazing to read all of the stats from the 80's in the book and think that things are even worse today!  It's a GREAT read!

The section that I just happened to read last night was about families without fathers. With so many families ending in divorce and so many families starting off without two parents to begin with there are LOTS of "daddy-less" families in our nation!

As a woman, I know I am perfectly capable of raising my boys if their daddy ever leaves or dies.

BUT, As an adult child of divorced parents, I also know that it is NOT the best way.

There are many holes in my life today that are still empty simply because my daddy lived across town and not under my same roof. Except for the Grace of God, I could have easily been a statistic like many girls who go looking for love in all the wrong places simply because they lacked a father to show them daily love.

Alas, our nation also lacks fathers daddies in so many homes to nurture and train the next generation(s) as God intended.

We truly are living in a fatherless nation in so many ways.  

That thought was profound to me today.  It also deeply saddened me.  

We have forgone God's design for family.

We have forgone God's design for government.

We have also forgone God's design for godly leadership.

I know what God did to teach the Israelites that they needed to return to him.

I fear for what it will be like for our generation if God decides it's time for us to return to him.

We live in a Nation - State where our leaders think that the role that our fathers once filled should now be filled by the government.

I don't like it.  

I want my "daddy" back.

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