Thursday, December 6, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 12/7/12

Welcome Back Friday!
In My Life this Week...we finally had our dead trees cut down!
The kids had a blast making a fort out of the pieces!  And since it is December and we are busy, busy, it will take a few weeks to clean up the mess!  The fort can stay for a while!

Caleb took the screen out of his window to take action pics!

Also this week...we are attempting to have school as usual.  We have a kitten, Simon, who loves to snuggle while we read!

He doesn't wlways sit still and just listen, though!
Helpful Advice or Tips to Share...It's ok to postpone school 'till the afternoon when one of your kiddos forgets to take his ADHD meds.  (Hypothetical, NOT!)  When kids and brains get used to functioning attentively with the meds it is very difficult and frustrating for both the parent and child to try to consentrate without them.  *Climbing on fallen tree debris is also a GREAT way to burn off extra steam while waiting for them to kick in!*
In our homeschool this week...In the midst of one kid going to work on Monday and another going to the ballet on Friday and the general excitement of the Christmas season, we are trying to have school as usual, but it's not all that easy! 
I am inspired great-grandmother!  I found all of her recipe cards this past week!  They are all handwritten.  I am trying to decide what kind of album to put them in!
Places we're going and people we're seeing...Friday, my daughter and I are going to see The Nutcracker!  I'm very excited for a girlie day out! 
My Favorite thing this week was...
Another Girl's night out!  My daughter, sister-in-law and I went to the Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne.  Their seasonal display was based on The Grinch! 

 Little Miss Cindy Carolyn Lou Who!

 We ended up at the Conservatory on accident.  We were on our way to another display that we didn't realize was over when we saw a Grinchy Bush outside the Conservatory!  We were so glad we checked it out!

There were other great "rooms" at the conservatory the desert room!
Josh just finished reading about the sagoura cactus!  I'm going to have to take him soon!
We started our very fun evening with Chinese food and finished it off with fried ice cream, making it a night to remember and smile about for a long time!
I'm reading...another Bodie Thoene Novel, The Danzig Passage.  I LOVE her historical fiction! This one takes place in pre-war Europe.
Questions or Thoughts I have...I have been pondering the purpose of my blog.  Why do I do it anyway?  I have come up with two reasons.  #1, I have a lot of pent up steam.  Much of it comes from the joys and frustrations of having kids with "labels."  Writing is a good way for me to let some of that steam off!  #2, I pray that while venting my frustrations and sharing my joys, some other parents will feel encouraged and feel like they are not the only one to have these struggles.  Here are some links to some of my recent "vent" posts...
I'm Cooking...
Tonight (Thursday) we are starting out first two batched of Christmas Cooking to take to a Homeschool get - together tomorrow night!
I'm Grateful for...
the fact that we live in a place that allows us to freely celebrate the Christ in Christmas!
A Link to share...
I cut my Christmas Card list from over 100 down to 40 this year and most of my friends received a cyber card instead.  Here are the "Christmas, Then and Now" pics.  The link on the first pic will take you to the letter we mailed out with them!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Then & Now!

ChristmasThen and Now!

Life for the Ivins’ was much different in 2004 than it is in 2012!

Then, all the kids were shorter than the adults!
Now, one of the kids is taller than his mom!
Then, bedtime was always 8:00.
Now, we rarely have a quiet moment before 10:00!
Then, we read bedtime stories to the kids.
Now, they read chapter books.
Then, Josh loved LEGOS.
Now, Josh still loves LEGOS and K’Nex!
Then, Caleb wanted to be a meteorologist!
Now, Caleb wants to be a meteorologist AND a storm chaser!
Then, Carolyn loved her baby dolls.
Now, she paints her nails and styles her own hair!
Then, the kids all had short hair.
Now,  not so much!
Then, we laid the kids’ clothes out each morning.
Now, they tell us what they will and won’t wear!
Then, we had a few cats.
Now, we have lots of cats, a dog, 2 parakeets, a dozen chickens and a hamster!
Then, the kids were all little and sweet.
Now, the kids are adventurous, curious and great fun!
ThenLife was different more than 2000 years ago as well.  The world longed for a savior even though they might not have known it!  But that all changed when a baby was born in a stable in Bethlehem.
Now We can celebrate that Savior’s birth every December!  Take time this Christmas season to thank Him for Coming to this earth and
changing everything!

Merry Christmas, Then & Now!  Cory, Shelly, Caleb, Josh & Carolyn