Thursday, October 18, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 10/19/12

Welcome Friday!
I don't know about where you live, but in Indiana, it definitely even smells like fall outside!  I love this weather!
In My Life This Week...
I feel like I have been playing catch-up from last week.  We spent last week 11 hours away in a secluded cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  We needed the time away, but that laundry, errand, running, dish washing, house cleaning fairy that I've always dreamed of didn't show up after we returned home!
This was our home last week...
It was a hundred + year old log cabin on an Island on the Michigammee River! 
I would show you a pic of my home this week but it's too messy even for cyber company right now! :O)
In our homeschool this week...
The kids have adapted pretty well to getting back to business as usual.  We had 2 field trips this week so that helped us break up the book time.  Tuesday, we went to a corn maze just for fun!

Today we took a small part of our Co-Op's nature club on a hike on the "Lost Sister Trail" along the Mississinewa River.  I'm sure you can imagine how much the boys liked the trail's name!  The trail was named for Frances Slocum.  She was a poineer girl who was taken by indians and relocated about 45 minutes from our home along the Mississinewa river.  The fall colors were fantastic today!
Helpful ideas or tips to share...
*Most of you probably do this already!*
Take the Monday after any vacation (especially one that requires you to have to hand wash alll the dishes and row in a john boat across a river to your cabin every time you leave the island) off from school and sleep in and stay in your jammies all day to catch up and do laundry!
I am inspired by...
the beauty of Northern Michigan! 
Here are a few pics to inspire ou as well.
This was the view from our cabin's living room window!
We spent a chilly day on Lake Superior.
This was the view from my kitchen window last Thursday!
What a surprise! (It melted by afternoon!)
Places we're going and people we're seeing...
Against our better judgement, we are going camping this weekend!  We usually go the last weekend in October when the local state park has a fun fall weekend complete with hay rides, pumpkin carving contests and lots of fun, but we didn't make our reservations in time so we had to settle for this weekend.  (And, yes, I may already have scheduled a day off on Monday!)  We will still enjoy ourselves though.  Maybe it will be nicer with the park less full and less commotion.
We will also be celebrating our oldest son's 14th birthday at the park tomorrow night with family and friends coming out to join us. 
Here is a pic of the birthday boy who was THRILLED to be able to build a snowman just a few days BEFORE his birthday!
My Favorite thing this week was...
Sleeping in most days 'till around 8 and not starting school 'till about 9.  Sleeping late was especially nice the mornings it was raining since it seemed to be dark so late!  If the kids still rode the bus we would have to get up 2 hours earlier!  We are feeling very blessed in that area!
I'm Reading...
On the way to the UP and in the cabin I read, Time to Choose: Growing up under Hitler and Watching History Repeat Itself.  It was written by a lady at our church who survived living through WWII.  It was so neatly done that after I finished it I read it to the kids.  We are about half way though as a family.  Maybe we'll finish it in the camper this weekend.
I'm cooking...
Chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough filling and frosting for Caleb's birthday!  Home made sloppy Joes and pumpkin bars for the cook out as well!  Mmmmm!
I'm Praying for...
A mission trip I think I need to go on next summer to Africa.  Does God really want me to go or do I just want to?  I have to sort it all out by November 1st when my registration is due.
A few more beautiful pics to leave you with...
We toured an iron mine in Iron Mountain.  They took us into the mine in old mine cars on the original tracks!  It was very educational and fun...except for the bats!
We enjoyed many waterfalls and gorges.  This is Carolyn by the Menominee River that separates Michigan and Wisconsin at the Piers Gorge Falls.
A Pic of all of us at the Canyon Falls on the Sturgeon River.
Real Moose Tracks compared to my husband's size 14 boots! (We hoped to see a real one but these fresh tracks were as close as we got.)
Fall Blessings to you this weekend!