Friday, September 21, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 9/21/12

Happy Friday Everyone!
There have just not been enough hours in the day this past week to get much writing done, so the following post is
Our Week In Review...
In Pictures

A Kestrel got stuck in our barn and couldn't get out.  He flew back and forth between the high loft windows for 2 days.  Finally Caleb found him on the barn floor with an injured wing.  It was late at night so we looked up an animal rescuer to call the next morning.  He even named him "Frightful" from the book My Side of the Mountain! Caleb has such an amazing way with animals.  They are always calm in his hands!  We were all very sad that Frightful died overnight.

The most FUN part of the year in our town is the STREET FAIR!  All the roads are closed off downtown, even a state highway, for the fair.  We eat and eat and eat all week!  There has also been a parade or special event each evening to attend.  I'm so glad that homeschooling allows us to have some "one hour delays" getting started each morning.  Here are some pics from the fair that I googled.  I didn't take my camera this year! (Bad mom!)

I LOVE this pic!  It must have been taken off the roof of the hospital!
Market street MANY years ago...
Main Street present!
One of my FAVORITE goodies!  Chocolate dipped fruit on a stick! Needless to say, I'm not cooking much this week!
We started a nature club with some of the kids in our co op.  Here are some pics from our first outing!
 Caleb at the top of the fire tower!
 Caleb and Josh at the top of the tower!
 It's been dry here, so the little dam was dry.
Caleb, drawing Poison ivy in his nature notebook.

 We found some sleeping bats in the rafters of one of the shelter houses!

The kids are loving their new task of notebooking for school.  They are enjoying adding more each day. So far they are doing their daily reading then highlighting what they think they would be tested over or what they think is most important from the given section and planning their own way to present it in their notebooks.  

I'm encouraging the kids to keep it simple.
 Josh, my guy who hates to write, did a great job writing about the tundra!
 Caleb enjoys finding pics on the web that go along with his science.
 Caleb is also making a math notebook to review properties and formulas.

We also started nature notebooks. 

 A wee bit of Carolyn's nature notebook.

Tomorrow we will wrap up our week by volunteering at the 4H pancake booth at the fair with some friends!

A Fun pic to leave you with..."Fred" 
the hamster riding in the toy train!