Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 9/14/12

It's raining so softly and gently here this morning it would be a perfect day to just snuggle under the covers and nap all day...
BUT, there are things to do and places to go!
Happy Friday All!
I love linking up with the other ihomeschool bloggin' moms!  Click the pic above to see what other homeschool moms have been up to this week!

In my life this week...I think the last of the REALLY busy weeks are over for a while!  Our Co-op started and got of to a great start!  Our youth group got off to a fabulous start!  I attended a seminar yesterday that addressed some of the needs of my kids. (Unique learning needs)  We are looking forward to some less busy days ahead...maybe!
In Our Homeschool this week...I am coming to the conclusion that another thing from my former public school teaching days needs to be shed.  The kids really do not like all of the tests that our curriculum provides.  They memorize for the short term only.  We need to spend more time on projects and activities that really help them remember what they read, SO today we began the adventure of notebooking!  It will be on a pretty small scale for now 'till we het the hang of it and balance it into our schedules.  Today I let each of the kids pick one subject to notebook in lieu of most of the tests and quizes.  Since we have been in school for a bit over a month they are going back to the beginning of their books (2 chose science and 1 chose history) and started notebooking what they have already read.  They even used some of their old worksheets by cutting out diagrams and gluing them to their pages.  They enjoyed it and seemed to understand how this will help them to remember what they read.  At the end of each chapter I plan to have each of them do a little show and tell of what they put into their books and why.  Then we will take the tests and go over them orally to see if they really are retaining it.  I may even give them the tests and ask them to review their notebook and see what they left out that the author of the text thought was important enough to test them over.  I think this will really improve their ability to search out what's really important and present it in a way that helps them remember it.  I have collected many great ideas from The notebooking Fairy!  Click the image to see the site!
Notebooking Success eBook
This downloadable e-book was really helpful to us to get started! 
 Carolyn is notebooking her Abeka Health.  She cut the skeleton from one of her worksheets.
 Josh is notebooking his Abeka History.  He worked on the 1st Americans today.
Caleb started notebooking his Abeka Science and wrote about galaxy types today.

I am inspired by...moms who seem to have it all together better than I do!  :O) 
Places we've been...It has finally been raining in Indiana so we took an afternoon walk at a local state park hoping to walk in the rain.  The skies were nice and "juicy" but we only got sprinkled on.  Oh well, we'll take a rain walk one of these days!

My favorite thing this week was...hanging out with 5th and 6th graders from my church on Wednesday night.  This pic is from a few weeks ago at our kick off.  Its a ton of fun to teach these kids about God's word and get to act a little like them along the way!
There are lots of fun things to do with shaving cream and shower caps!

A favorite thing with my own kiddos...
The weather has been so fabolous lately, we decided to make a campfire and cook dinner Tuesday night over an open fire!  We had S'mores too, of course!

Questions or Thoughts I have...Today, I'm wondering how I'm ever going to keep my sanity with a 14 year old whose emotions are more like a 3 year olds...
Should I change the name of my blog...since I do use the names of my kids labels (when I write). We don't use them with the kids so much.  And if I did, what would I call it?

Things I'm working on...I am trying very hard to be more organized!  I even bought a new purse calendar to help me keep appointments n stuff straight.  We missed 2 doctor appointments this past summer just because I didn't get them on the fridge calendar.
I am also trying VERY hard to be more consistent with the kids' discipline.  It is VERY hard though for my oldest especially.  We took away TV for a while until attitudes and respect get better.  If we have no grace for him...because of his label we might as well sell the TV!  How do you keep a kiddo with an emotional and social disability accountable to your standards when it is NEARLY neurologically IMPOSSIBLE for him?  That is making me crazy right now!  Educating him is also making me flirt with the fine line of sanity most days as well.  His doctor told us that puberty will make all of his "uniquenesses" more difficult.  He was right.

I'm Reading...Phillipians with the kids for our devotion time.  A dear friend (one who seems like she has it all together...) recommended Philippians 2 for this time when my kids seem to act less Christlike than I would like.  I told the kids we might read it for the next 12 months, or until they move out!  Some days are just like that!

I'm Praying for...My sanity as I continue to spend so much time with a kiddo who just doesn't learn to obey and who is making less strides in school right now because of a season of flared up tantrums and unwillingness to try when it's hard or be flexible when something doesn't go his way.  I'm praying for his siblings too, who want to try and can be flexable but have to wait on me all day while I "deal with" the inflexible one. 

I'm cooking...lots of apple pies as our apples are so plentiful this year.
I just had to make a batch of home made guacamole this past week.  I ate it all in 2 days since my family has so many issues with color and texture issues. 

A Photo - Link to Share...
My middle kiddo blogged more about his LEGOs the pic to see the blog he created in place of journaling on paper.

Isn't that vending machine cool!?