Friday, August 17, 2012

1st Day School Pics Past and Present!

As you will see, we have not always been homeschoolers.
I just thought this post would be a fun way to look back in time!

We start with the not quite first day pics from this year!

Introducing The 8th Grader!  Caleb

And the 6th Grader, Josh...

And last, but not least, the 4th grader!  Carolyn

The First Day...Last year...2011

Caleb 7th grade, Josh 5th grade & Carolyn 3rd grade

First Day 2010

Caleb's first day of Middle School. 6th grade. The bus came when it was still dark
so we had to do an inside pic!

Carolyn 2nd Grade & Josh 4th Grade

First Day 2009
Caleb, 5th grade ~ Carolyn, 1st grade ~ Josh 3rd Grade
(My hard drive does not go back any further so all the rest of my pics are pics of pics or pics of scrapbook pages!)

 First  Labor Day 2008
(How can I possibly not find a first day pic for 2008???)
Josh 2nd Grade, Caleb 4th Grade & Carolyn Kindergarten!
 I did find their class pics though! 
My baby's kindergarten pic!
Josh in 2nd Grade!
Caleb in 4th Grade!

First Day 2007!

Waiting on the bus!  Carolyn PK, Josh 1st, Caleb 3rd!
Wait 'till you see these next pics!  They are sooooo cute!
Caleb, 3rd Grade! Gotta LOVE those dimples!

Josh in 1st grade, of course!

Carolyn's first day of PK!  I miss her Dora Hair cut!
First Day 2006!
Carolyn, preschool!  Caleb 2nd Grade!
What a handsome Kindergartener!

Was she a doll in Preschool or WHAT?!
They just keep gettin' cuter!
First Day 2005!

Caleb's first day of 1st Grade!

Josh's first day of Preschool!
First Day 2004
Caleb's first day of KINDERGARTEN!
Caleb's Preschool pic!
Time flies when you're having fun! 
& We are having a TON of fun with homeschooling so I imagine the next 10 years will go by just as fast!


Homschool Mother's Journal 8/17/12

Happy Friday Everyone!
I didn't think I would have time to write a post for today and link up with you all, but I woke up so refreshed this morning I have time with my laptop and the kids are not even up!

In My Life This Week...
I could probably spend my entire post on just this prompt!  We have had a busy, exciting week!

First of all, we celebrated my daughter's 9th birthday with a luau!  Pinterist has been the best place for cupcake and decoration ideas!

We were so tired after her party, complete with a bonfire and a fireworks show by her brothers, (It was impossible to do store bought fireworks on the 4th because of the burn ban in our area, so her brothers were VERY excited to light off their wares!) that we had not even completely cleaned up the house and mess before heading  to Indianapolis the next morning for my cousin's first NFL game!

Because it is the preseason for the NFL, we were told that my cousin, the third string quarterback, would likely not play until the 4th quarter.  We had nosebleed  cheap seats but had a blast anyway!  If you know anything about the Colts, they did not have a good season last year. The game started out with a bang as their newly drafted first string quarterback threw for a touchdown the in the Colts first offensive play!  Needless to say, everyone in the place was on their feet and yelling!  By the time the 4th quarter came around, the score was already something like 33 to 3!  Most people just wanted to see Andrew Luck, the first string quarterback play, so the place really emptied out.  We moved from our seats that were closer to the moon than the field just in time for Chandler to go in for his first play! We were sitting close enough to Chandler's parents, my aunt and uncle, to see the joy on their faces when he threw for a touchdown after three plays!

Here are a few pics from both our nosebleed seats to Chandler's now famous, at least in our community, touchdown pass!  

I am finally coming to grips with the fact that one of my cousins is really in the NFL!

In our Homeschool This Week...
We officially started the new school year this week.  Because certain kids in my family need time to adapt to change, we started doing 3 subjects on Monday, four on Tuesday and so on.  This has helped all of us get back into the routine of cracking the books!  Unlike ANY of the past 9 years that the kids have been in school, I DID NOT ~GASP~ take a "First Day Of School" picture!  I did get a second or third day pic of my daughter, but none of the boys Yet!  I'll have to remedy that today!  Here is her pic.
Ah...just figured out that this pic is still on my are starting to wake up so time is ticking!  Here is her birthday pic instead!  :O)
What's working for us...
Adding one subject a day  until we are working full speed is really working well!  My Aspie is slowly adjusting to the new year as well as everyone else.

Places we've been and people we've seen...
We were invited by another homeschool family to swim at their house on Wednesday afternoon.  Little did we know that their "pond" was a lake and their dad was home to take the kids boating!  2 of my kids learned to kneeboard and I DIDN'T even have my camera!  I did however get my first whopper of a sunburn of the summer!  It is just now settling down to where I can touch my legs again!  BUT, the day by the water, enjoying the good company of other homeschool families AND seeing the school bus go by while we were still on the water was worth it! 

My Favorite thing this week was...
Seeing the look on my aunt's face after Chandler threw his first NFL touchdown pass!  Priceless!

I'm Reading...
I'm STILL reading "Say to This Mountain," by Bodie Thoene!  I LOVE her historical fiction! 

I'm Praying For...
My husband.  He takes an annual road trip with "the guys" from our wedding to a different city each summer to take in a Major League baseball game.  Today they are headed to Kansas City!  They take a Nintendo or Wii, lots of Mt. Dew and make some super memories!  This marks their 19th trip!  Yep, My 20th anniversary is next month! 

A Link to Share...
We have not always been such crazed football fans at our house even though we are loving it now!  Here is a link an interview with my cousin after his "famous" pass!  Just click on the pic.

Here is another link to the actual pass...the pic is him getting a cal from the Colts the night of the draft!  You should have heard the yelling when he hung up!

Well the kids are up and fed now...guess it's time for the school bell to ring!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Classroom(s) ~ Nothin' Fancy!

School is anywhere learning takes place!
AND You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for quality learning to happen!

Take a peek at where we do our learnin'...

We Love to so science in the kitchen!

...or in a maple syrup cabin in March!

Most of our paper n pencil work gets done at the dining room table.  

When the kids have lots of stuff to spread out, the living room floor is a favorite spot!

 I love to catch the kids reading just about anywhere!  Caleb loves the outdoors!

Josh just likes to be comfy!

Carolyn likes to snuggle!
I do make my bed each morning but it rarely stayes made for long!  This is the all time favorite reading / snuggling spot for all three kids!

The little corner of our dining room where we do math. We love Teaching Textbooks!

The main reason we use these tubs is so that my ADHD kids need a home base for all of their books, notebooks and folders.  Without them all would be lost...literally! :O) 

The most "schoolish" part of our classroom is the old map we use for a window blind!  We just hung it up this summer and it works great for both geography lessons as well as blocking out the evening sun during dinner!  It has been in our garage for a few years.  
Why didn't we think of using it sooner?!

As you can see we don't have a very polished school room.  There's a two fold reason why!
  #1, we can't afford it.  Shopping at IKEA looks like a ton of fun but at this point God has met all of our needs, but since I quit working shopping for aesthetic extras is not happening!

#2, We NEED to move around a lot!  Even if we did have a fancy school room with desks for everyone and lots of cool storage, we would not take full advantage of it.  The fact is, I have three kids with ADHD and one with Aspergers.  We are definitely not going to be very productive if we sit in chairs all day.

So, kudos to all of you who have made financial sacrifices to do school at home!  The benefits by far outweigh the lack of style!